The status of international Honey Fraud and the impact on Southern Africa
- ensuring authentic sweetness in the time of crisis

20 MAY 2021 | 9am - 12.30pm

This event will provide the latest information on the seriousness of the situation and the complexity of the deception. International honey experts will educate buyers of honey to ensure the supply chain in South Africa is not unwittingly partners in crime with the international food fraud syndicates. The event will also highlight the importance of active and immediate collaboration to protect the integrity of honey and our fragile honey market.

Defining food fraud and how it is manifested in the industry.

Food fraud is the intentional deception of consumers using food products. Honey, a precious and natural foodstuff has been at the heart of many internal food fraud scandals due to adulteration, substitution, misbranding, counterfeiting or others. This type of economically motivated illegall activity is an increasing international concern.

Why is this a global problem, what is the South African situation and why does honey lend itself so perfectly to food fraud?

With a worldwide shortage of this precious substance, there is an opportunity for strong profits through fraud. The modes of honey adulteration have rapidly changed and multiplied, compounded by the challenges in testing honey leave the market exposed to fraudsters. 

South Africa is further challenged as our outdated regulatory framework makes us the victims of “dumping” of inferior grades of honey without any mandatory standards which perpetuate fraud on our own shores. South Africans suffer by paying top prices while being duped. 

Help us stop the illegal tampering of South Africa’s liquid gold

Who Should Attend?

Beekeepers, Honey Bottlers; Honey Traders; Retailers, Pharmacies, Health Shops, Certification Bodies, SANAS, Food Safety Auditors; Food Manufacturers using Honey as an Ingredient; Government Officials from DALRRD, DOH, DTI; Government Provincial Departments of Agriculture; Environmental Health Practitioners from Local Municipalities, Consumer Organisations, Testing Laboratories; Agricultural Research Council, anyone who enjoys honey. 


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions,
this will be a FREE virtual event,
open to SABIO and Association members,
as well as non-members.


SABIO is a Non Profit Organization and we would welcome all donations that will be utilised in a responsible manner to promote the welfare and sustainability of bees in South Africa.


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